Vocaprep's guidance and structure were extremely helpful to navigate through cases. The module on application documents was an imperative first step, and the sample cases are a great source of knowledge and practice. I would recommend Vocaprep to anyone targeting consulting as a career.
Incoming Summer Associate, BCG
The training I received from Vocaprep was a crucial ingredient in my getting into BCG.
Consultant, BCG
What I love about Vocaprep is that it provides a learning environment that's incredibly interactive and easy to follow. By breaking down the entire process into manageable pieces, I was able to enjoy doing the cases, something that showed in my interviews and really made all the difference.
Summer Associate, BCG
Vocaprep is the most comprehensive set of resources that I have come across. It is original, easy to use and strikes the perfect balance to help you maximize your learning across both the fit interview and case-cracking. Highly recommended for anyone interested in getting into consulting or acing just about any interview!
Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Vocaprep's materials were useful specifically for their emphasis on structured thinking and effective communication. The resources are unique and of high quality and they've helped me grow professionally beyond getting offers. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Tech Strategy Consultant, Deloitte
Vocaprep helped me learn and practice every step of the way. It’s been key to getting me ready both for the fit interview and case-cracking, resulting in two offers from top consulting firms. Thank you!
Associate Consultant Intern, Bain & Company
The Vocaprep materials provided me with all the guidance, expert advice and practice I needed to land a career in consulting.
Associate, McKinsey & Company
What makes Vocaprep special are its structured approach and diversified materials. Combined, these made my preparation process very effective, and most importantly, super enjoyable.
Senior Consultant, Deloitte S&O Finance
Vocaprep was all I needed to feel calm and ready for my interview. Mike clearly breaks down every step of the application and interview process. Vocaprep provides a seemingly bottomless repertoire of practice materials. The system is foolproof! Vocaprep is a must for anyone trying to get into consulting.
Associate, PwC
Mike’s detailed training helped me uncover my strengths and highlight them during both the fit and case parts of an interview. Vocaprep also guided me to better understand my values and how they align with individual firms. This training helped me improve my interview skills and grow as an individual.
Associate, Oliver Wyman
The best part about Vocaprep is how versatile it is, covering often overlooked aspects like building your own story, selecting firms based on how you would fit with them, advanced tips on drafting application documents, and detailed approaches to case-cracking.
Consultant, Deloitte
Vocaprep was the perfect all encompassing tool to propel me to my current role. It helped me identify my areas of weakness and practice to achieve mastery in each of them. Vocaprep is in a league of its own when it comes to case preparation.
Consulting Analyst, Accenture
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