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IntroductionInterviews with ex or future consultants about their backgrounds, careers and getting into the field0h 1m 26sJanuary 5th 2018
Nadim | Prep | Setting yourself apart in the social impact spaceNadim Sayed joins us again to talk about his experience applying for different social impact jobs and to share his prep insights0h 23m 9sOctober 15th 2019
Nadim | Life | Consulting & Social ImpactNadim Sayed, an experienced social impact consultant, sits down with Mike to discuss his path and why he chose to help others as his life's work0h 27m 29sOctober 8th 2019
Kevin | Prep | The importance of timing, diligence, and detailsKevin Jon sits down with Mike to discuss the moment he decided to go into consulting and shares what he would have done differently0h 26m 44sSeptember 30th 2019
Kevin | Life | Pros & Cons of being a consultantKevin Jon discusses the pros and cons of life as a consultant and shares some advice to listeners starting their careers0h 29m 30sSeptember 24th 2019
Corey | Skills | How to think like a management consultantCorey Phelps, Associate Professor of Strategy at Desautels Faculty of Management, shares some problem solving strategies used by management consultants.0h 28m 33sJuly 19th 2019
Erik | Prep | The specifics of tech interviewsErik compares case interviews in tech and consulting from his experience as an interviewee at firms and as an interviewer at Shopify0h 26m 27sJune 14th 2019
Pascal P. | Life | Leveraging yourselfPascal talks about his path from engineering to consulting and tech through an MBA at HBS, and about what consulting taught him0h 29m 44sMay 24th 2019
Enrico | Prep | Getting into Roland BergerEnrico, consutant and interviewer at Roland Berger with experience in several consulting firms, shares his tips on acing the interview0h 25m 19sApril 26th 2019
Allison | Prep | Panel interviewsAllison, consultant and interviewer at KPMG, talks about the ins and out of the recruitment process with a focus on panel interviews0h 28m 29sApril 12th 2019
Zev | Prep | Case interviews in techZev, who currently works at Amazon, gives his insights on doing well on the technical and behavioural portions of a tech case interview0h 29m 44sFebruary 8th 2019
Erik | Life | Parallels with the tech industryErik shares his unique path from professional football to his current position at Shopify, through an MBA and consulting for a tech company0h 23m 15sJanuary 25th 2019
Enrico | Life | Consulting firms and entrepreneurshipEnrico, consultant at Roland Berger with previous experience at KPMG and Pivot, talks about professional environments and making room for your passions0h 23m 59sJanuary 11th 2019
Allison | Life | From musician to consultantAllison talks about what led her to pursue an MBA and work as in consulting at KPMG after a 5 year career as an independent musician0h 24m 52sDecember 28th 2018
Vinay | Prep | Authenticity, confidence, and pausesVinay, Partner at BCG and ex-lawyer, talks about approaching interviews with confidence and the value of authentic answers0h 25m 36sDecember 14th 2018
Ross | Skills | Creating your digital brandRoss, founder and president of Career Quest, offers his insights on building a strong Linkedin profile and general digital branding0h 19m 49sNovember 30th 2018
Vinay | Life | Law, consulting, and activismFormer lawyer and current BCG partner Vinay talks about his professional transition and the opportunities a career in consulting offers0h 35m 33sNovember 23rd 2018
Zev | Life | Don't be afraid of failureZev explain how he went from a computer science background through an MBA to his current management position at Amazon0h 25m 46sNovember 16th 2018
Catherine | Prep | Consulting vs. non-consulting interviewsCatherine comes back to the podcast to talk about her interviewing experience with Amazon and the difference between consulting and non-consulting cases0h 27m 19sNovember 2nd 2018
Chris | Prep | Firm values and storytellingCoach and ex-Mckinsey consultant Chris offers his preparation tips from fit to case, focusing on the importance of storytelling and showing fit with firm values0h 33m 3sOctober 19th 2018
Catherine | Life | Leaving your comfort zoneExplore alternative career paths with Catherine as she talks about her experiences from litigation attorney, through an MBA, to her current position at Amazon0h 18m 24sOctober 5th 2018
Chris | Life | Switching firmsInterview coach Chris retraces his path from psychology to programming to consulting, and his experience switching from Accenture to McKinsey0h 34m 1sSeptember 7th 2018
Scott | Skills | The tools of a consultantPowerpoint, Excel, Alteryx... KPMG consultant Scott comes back to the podcast to discuss the consultant's toolkit, and how to make the best use of it0h 30m 7sAugust 24th 2018
Ion | Life | An alternative consulting experienceIon talks about his unconventional path from politics to consulting, and weighs the pros and cons of working as an independent consultant0h 23m 32sAugust 10th 2018
Valerie | Prep | Rising to the challengeValerie talks about her experience getting into McKinsey from a non-feeder school, and explains what she looked for during her time as an interviewer 0h 21m 49sJuly 27th 2018
Robin | Prep | From "know how" to "be how"Ex-Oliver Wyman consultant Robin talks about his experience applying for a consulting job abroad and shares his prep insights0h 21m 14sJuly 13th 2018
Valerie | Life | Experienced travellerValerie, ex-McKinsey consultant turned entrepreneur, offers her insights on the consulting life, travels, and living abroad0h 22m 43sJune 29th 2018
Robin | Life | Finding fulfillment in consultingRobin talks about his path from business school in Germany, through working at Oliver Wyman, to working as an independent consultant0h 26m 45sJune 15th 2018
Pascal D. | Life | From investment banking to consultingBCG consultant and ex-investment banker Pascal compares the nature of the work and the surrounding culture in these two contrasting industries0h 25m 4sJune 1st 2018
Emily | Prep | Don't wait to start!Emily comes back to the studio to talk about the preparation with Vocaprep and other resources that helped her land a job at BCG0h 17m 39sMay 18th 2018
Matthew | Prep | Happy, humble, and hungryMatthew emphasizes the importance of knowing the way you think, as he compares his preparation methods with other successful yet different tactics0h 23m 16sMay 4th 2018
Emily | Life | Try something newEmily, finance student and incoming summer associate at BCG, talks about the element of constant renewal that draws her to consulting0h 16m 23sApril 20th 2018
David | Prep | How to go from science to consultingDavid shares insights into making the best impression as an Advanced Professional Degree holder during the consulting interview process0h 28m 48sApril 6th 2018
Matthew | Life | Consulting as a springboardEx-McKinsey consultant Matthew Feaver compares the consulting experience to medicine's residency, and explains how it influenced the rest of his career0h 25m 55sMarch 23rd 2018
David | Life | Why consulting?David Capretto talks about what led him from a PhD in chemistry, through consulting at McKinsey, to his current position at large video game company Riot0h 20m 30sMarch 9th 2018
Nora | Prep | How to make your resume pop and other tipsNora Ali offers an ex-MBB recruiter's perspective on what makes a good and memorable resume, and the dos and don'ts of a consulting interview0h 27m 12sFebruary 27th 2018
Tarek | Prep | Standing out from the crowdTarek, consultant at PMP Conseil, shares his tips on reaching out to firms and making your application stand out0h 32m 11sFebruary 20th 2018
Nora | Life | The life of a recruiterNora Ali talks about her four years as a recruiter for McKinsey in Dubai, Boston, and Toronto, and about what recruiters look for0h 15m 17sFebruary 13th 2018
Tarek | Life | Small firm, Big firmTarek, consultant at boutique consulting firm PMP Conseil, talks about how his current consulting experience differs from his previous experience at KPMG0h 28m 7sFebruary 6th 2018
Tom | Prep | Practice makes perfectEx-McKinsey consultant Tom emphasizes the importance of case preparation and structured story-telling for the interview process0h 22m 48sJanuary 30th 2018
Marc | Prep | Confidence and humilityMarc talks about balancing confidence in your abilities and humility in your approach when interviewing for a consulting job0h 28m 36sJanuary 23rd 2018
Scott | Life | Finding the right pathScott talks about his transition from engineering to consulting, and his current life as a KPGM consultant0h 20m 20sJanuary 16th 2018
Tom | Life | Globe-trotterEx-human rights lawyer, ex-McKinsey consultant, venture capitalist: Tom shares the experiences that led him to travel the world0h 27m 52sJanuary 9th 2018
Eytan | Life | Wandering journey to consultingEx-McKinsey consultant and founder/CEO of fin-tech startup NorthOne Eytan shares his professional journey0h 28m 50sJanuary 5th 2018
Lainie | Life | From case competitions to consultingSummer and now incoming full-time BCG associate Lainie shares her transition from a Business Undergrad to the real-life challenges of consulting0h 26m 47sJanuary 5th 2018
Guillaume | Life | Leveling the field Guillaume talks about his experiences from Harvard to McKinsey to his current position as SSENSE VP0h 38m 31sJanuary 5th 2018
Lainie | Prep | Staying genuine throughout the interview processLainie shares on how she tailored her experiences to demonstrate her perfect fit with consulting, and the prep methods she developped 0h 31m 6sJanuary 5th 2018
Eytan | Prep | The consulting profileEytan discusses the pros and cons of consulting and how to sell yourself to the firm you want to get into0h 28m 36sJanuary 5th 2018
Conan | Life | A taste for adventureConan talks about her experience with McKinsey in Shanghai, and her decision to leave and travel the world0h 21m 18sJanuary 5th 2018
Guillaume | Prep | Insights from an interviewerEx-McKinsey interviewer Guillaume Mercier talks about what makes a good application and offers advice on acing fit and case interviews0h 39m 41sJanuary 5th 2018
Conan | Prep | Quality over quantityConan returns to the studio to talk about her easy-going approach to interview preparation0h 16m 25sJanuary 5th 2018
Marc | Life | The people make the differenceMarc, ex Booz and McKinsey consultant and engineer, shares the experiences that brought him from Montreal to London and Saudi Arabia0h 28m 36sJanuary 5th 2018
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