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Case interview preparation: where to begin
By The Vocaprep Team
Interviews that involve cases typically have two main parts: the fit and the case. We will focus on the case part here, but the fit is just as important. During the case interview, you are assessed on very similar aspects as during the fit interview: structure and synthesis. There are
What framework should be used in consulting case interviews?
By The Vocaprep Team
There are many frameworks floating around the internet, from different providers and of varying levels of reliability. So, which ones should be used during case interviews?
How to write a consulting resume + consulting resume template
By The Vocaprep Team
Building a resume is hard; building it for a consulting recruiter is particularly difficult. Recruiters see hundreds of resumes everyday, and you want to make yours really really pop for them. To do that, we're going to show you now our 5 key tactics.
Why the fit matters and how to succeed
By The Vocaprep Team
Most candidates prepare and practice diligently when it comes to case interviews, and there is no shortage of available resources concerning that topic. But what about the remainder of the interview?
How to stand out from the crowd during an interview
By The Vocaprep Team
There are two core  stages to getting a consulting job: getting an interview, and passing that interview. To pass an interview requires excellent problem solving skills, but also showing drive and achievement in past experiences. But what really makes folks stand out? What makes someone more memorable than all the other qualified candidates? It’s all about spikiness. 
The kinds of people big consulting firms are looking for
By The Vocaprep Team
Consulting is a good fit for many different types of people, assuming they have a specific set of qualities. So what are the traits sought after by everyone, from MBB to boutique firms? They can be broadly summarized into three groups: achievement, leadership, and problem-solving skills.
How to network to get a job in consulting
By The Vocaprep Team
Most people who are attempting to get into consulting firms, if not all, know the importance of networking. You have probably also heard the advice that the key to networking well is to be yourself, but let's try to take that a bit deeper. What does it mean in the context of, for instance, an informal discussion with somebody who works at a consulting firm
Tips on being the interviewer during your case practice
By The Vocaprep Team
Being an excellent interviewer is a valuable skill which benefits both the interviewee and the interviewer. But how exactly should you go about doing this? What skills should a good interviewer have for all participants to make the most out of their practice?
What questions should I ask in an interview to leave a good impression?
By The Vocaprep Team
There are no specific right and wrong questions to ask during an interview, but there are types of questions to favour over others. The number one thing you need to avoid is asking questions to which you can find the answer to on the company website or any search engine. You should be asking questions that show that you have done your research and know what you are getting into, and help you connect with your interviewer. Here are some valuable types of questions:
What are the career opportunities for ex-MBB consultants?
By The Vocaprep Team
Getting into MBB signals to all future employers that you managed to pass a very high bar and, if you stuck around for a couple of years, that you’ve been trained, that you have the practice of working on the hardest problems and of presenting to the most senior leadership, and much more. What organization wouldn’t want to hire a young, driven, smart problem solver who has had the arrogance knocked out of them and who has learned how to work in teams?
How do final round consulting interviews differ from first rounds?
By The Vocaprep Team
If you made it past the first round of interviews, or if you're just thinking ahead, you might be wondering how these second-round interviews will differ and what you can do to prepare.
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