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Life is too short to take chances on interview preparation that doesn’t yield a meaningful outcome. Whatever proficiency you start from, our standardized yet bite-sized framework will deliver a better understanding of the case interview preparation process.
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the vocaprep team
Mike, Founder of Vocaprep, is passionate about helping others reach their potential. Whether as an attorney, in his work in private equity, or while a consultant at McKinsey, Mike has always focused on helping and connecting others. Mike founded Vocaprep in order to give everyone their best chance to land their dream job.
As a creative, passionate businesswoman and consultant, Jade helps individuals and organizations be more innovative. As Co-Founder of Vocaprep, her mission is to provide candidates with the right tools and support to pursue their dream careers, no matter the path they choose. She is also always looking to connect with fellow hustlers from around the world!
Co-Founder Gabriel is an innovative developer and entrepreneur with two decades of experience in programming. His work has spanned several industries including medicine, gaming, telecommunications, and management consulting. At Vocaprep, Gabriel’s technical expertise will ensure that all outputs are of the highest quality and standards.
A life long learner, Andriy is driven to uncover the unexpected and the unknown. As an experienced management consultant and an engineer at heart, bringing a structured approach to everything around him is key. With Vocaprep, Andriy helps others navigate the confusing yet exciting challenges of case interviews.
As Vocaprep's operations manager, Matilda uses her multifaceted talents to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for all users. Her varied educational and professional background, ranging from psychology to graphic design, gives her the perspective and tools to respond to complex challenges efficiently.
Chris, a McKinsey & Accenture alum, has had a passion for education and recruiting that has spanned more than a decade. As the lead consultant for recruiting at Toronto MBA schools at both firms, he's intimately familiar with what consulting firms are looking for in candidates, and is excited to help Vocaprep clients reach their maximum potential.
Scott is inspired by bringing meaningful, innovative, and executable solutions to the most complex problems. From developing fully-autonomous data pipelines, interactive visualizations, and AI solutions to growth strategies at nonprofits, Scott has always been eager to drive impact regardless the environment. At Vocaprep, Scott is bringing his consulting experience and structured innovative thinking to developing the best materials out there to land others in their dream career!
Jared loves helping others build their skills and achieve goals. He has worked as a consultant at Oliver Wyman and Juniper and knows what it takes to get the offer. With experiences as a teaching assistant for graduate programs at Stanford and McGill universities and as a skydiving coach, Jared can help you learn how to give your best performance in high stakes situations.
Catherine is passionate about negotiations and has experience across multiple industries including financial services, energy, pharmaceutical, legal, technology, entertainment, government and engineering.
Nolan is a life-long motivator and always up to support those willing to take on ambitious challenges. His experience as a professional athlete and coach taught him valuable lessons to pass on about performing under pressure. With his work as a consultant in two different industries with contrasting cultures as well as his experience recruiting for financial services roles, Nolan knows the key to presenting your best self when it counts.
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